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Making a perfect fiiting loop for your compound bow was never that easy!

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The Loop Card is a useful tool to measure the current loop length and to
reproduce it again and again or in the desired changed length,
with the help of the holes in the card to cut and make a new loop.

Loop lengths from 12 to 27mm* inside height
of the loop possible with the Loop Card.

You can also measure your center shot.
The famous dimension 13/16" is marked with a star.

Instructions on how to use the Loop Card  can also always be called up
via smartphone using the QR-Code on the Loop Card.

*Specifications may vary as they depend on the nock used
and the flaming on the second side of the loop rope.

Manufacturer Essentials Archery
Characteristics marks to measure
loop length
mark for centershot
holes to make
loops reproducible
Colour Black
Length 86mm
Width 55mm
Heigth 1mm
Purchased parts package Loop Card


1. Flame the loop rope at one end and, after a short wait,
press it against a cold surface so that you get a small, flat surface.

2. Insert the loop rope with the unprocessed side from the front
through the desired hole in the loop card and pull through to the end.

3. Pull the loop rope from the back over the loop
card down to the bottom edge of the card.

4. Place the loop rope over the straight line at the bottom of the
loop card (vertically below the selected hole) and cut the
loop rope along the bottom edge.

5. Take the loop out of the card and flame the second end as in step 1 and make the flat surface

6. Tie the loop as usual

General information:
-Due to the lighting conditions in product photography, there might occur slightly colour differences between the product and the photo.
If in doubt, we recommend viewing the product photos on another display or getting in touch with us.
-The loop and the decoration showed in the picture is not included in the purchased parts package.

Color: Black

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