With our help YOU will hit better at archery!

The professionals trust MaTrac Archery!

The professionals in particular know how important individual solutions are. Every archer is different, so you need different options to adapt your equipment perfectly. That's why we at MaTrac Archery have made it our job to help shooters around the world!

That's why we can help you!

We have many years of experience as compound archers in the German national team. We took part in tournaments not only across Germany, but also worldwide. Our successes include several World championship medals, as well as World Cup medals, German championship titles, World records, European records and German records. We have already shot tens of thousands of arrows in a wide variety of weather conditions on different continents.

We are also in constant contact with other archers, from Germany or the rest of the world, in order to also incorporate external opinions and ideas into our products. We implement ideas in-house using 3D CAD programs. Thanks to these short process, we can quickly find a solution.

Our products are manufactured using the latest technologies. For this we use 3D printers in FDM and SLA processes. When it comes to materials, we are always up to date in order to take advantage of new innovations.

In addition, there will be an expansion towards metal products in the future. In the case of particularly stressed components, production with the 3D printer is not possible. Because one of our goals is high product quality, we would like to implement this with the help of other materials.

With this basis, we can offer you a reliable product that will solve your specific problem.

Our thumb knobs as an example have several advantages over the standard drums that are supplied with a release.

  • More grip with wet hands (from sweat or rain)
  • Better contact area between thumb and thumb knob
  • With small hands, our thumb knobs allow you to rest your index finger on your thumb while your are executing the shot
  • Improved ergonomics in the release process
  • Many color combinations possible

Our scope aperture reducer as an example reduce your field of view when aiming through your scope housing. The advantages are as follows:

  • Focusing on the most important things when aiming (target faces in the middle)
  • Large scope housing with reduced field of view means more light in the housing.
  • Different diameters and colors to choose from

If you have an idea which you would like to implement, we look forward to your message! You are also welcome to give us your feedback on current products or our service!